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Why The Multiverse?
With more than 30 years of combined larp experience under our belts, the two owners of Doomed Ventures have a solid base on which to organize and run The Multiverse. After attending, staffing and running plotlines across 300 events, we have identified the common themes that plague gameplay: Undersized staff, insufficient writing and planning, cumbersome rules and disconnected and disorganized plot teams. The Multiverse aims to address all of these. Game runners from games outside The Multiverse have experienced the exhaustion of running a game non-stop from Friday to Sunday, only to find that some of their players still spent most of the time bored and disappointed. The problem is scale. Even the most motivated gamemaster can not occupy 60 players for 48 hours while also managing dozens of staffers. With smaller PC numbers playing at a time, a well built plot team can be certain everyone is entertained throughout the game. One day long events allow an organized staff to plan steady, character-based involvement that lasts from event start to game off. Ultra-brief, simplified rules help keep everyone on (literally!) the same page. When someone is unsure of a rule, the answer should always be in their pocket. With Cause and Effect, it is.

I have an idea for a game. Can I run my own campaign?

If you are certain you have the dedication, writing chops, organizational talent and time management skills to run your own 10-12 player campaign in The Multiverse, you should definitely contact us at

Staffing is required?

Yes. Staffing, rather than playing, is how you advance your Character. The goal of the Multiverse is to maintain steady action and story advancement for the players with minimal downtime. This requires staff numbers equal to or greater than the player numbers. Playing in that environment is rewarding on its own, so Character Points are gained by volunteering at other Campaigns. Players are expected to Staff at least one event for each one they play. Of course, Staffing additional events grants additional CP. Asking every Player to Staff at the campaigns they do not play also helps everyone keep a balanced perspective and builds a larger, more unified game community.

Does the campaign I want to play have liability insurance?

Yes, all Multiverse events are hosted by Doomed Ventures, a fully insured game promotion company.

Wait, the events are all one day long?

Yes! And for many reasons. You will experience more action in one day in the Multiverse than a weekend anywhere else. The high intensity pace of Multiverse events would be overwhelming and unsustainable across a longer game. One day events are much easier to attend for Players and Staff with inflexible work/family schedules. The funnest parts of live action games are roleplaying, story progression and combat, not sleeping on a bug covered mattress in a dirty shack. (If you can even sleep through the snores and smell of your fellow players.) With such small Player numbers, renting overnight camps would also dramatically raise prices. Staffing one-day events is easy and does not take up your whole weekend. Each one day event will hold plenty of action for Players because they will not waste time transporting and setting up sleeping arrangements or waiting in a 60 person check-in line, weapon inspection line or production/logistic line. 

I read Cause and Effect. Where is the Death effect?
In contrast to most larps, in the Multiverse, the words die, death, and dead mean the same thing they do in real world English. Characters do not die and resurrect all over the place as a regular course of daily business. If you hear that someone is 'dead', it does not mean they are momentarily inconvenienced, and a 'perm' is a hairstyle. In Cause and Effect, the scary take-down Effect is Critical, which sends the target to the edge of death, what a modern hospital would call "critical" condition. Magical healing or expert medical care can still revive them if applied soon enough. Characters who spend too much time Critical go to face Consequences. How Consequences works varies in each Campaign, but usually involves a chance of the character being pronounced dead. Yes, all the way dead.

I looked at the Living Heroes: First Watch page. Where are the character creation rules?
Everything you need to construct an original Hero is right within the Create a Hero web form. You can build a character step-by-step, with each aspect explained within the character generator. When you finish the form, it will automatically email you a copy of your character sheet, complete with how each skill works.

Frequently Asked Questions

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